Apr 4, 2008

Bengkung Mia

This bengkung which I have used during my confinement is called Bengkung Mia. It is so nicely & brilliantly designed that I can even wear it myself easily . It is so convenient as compare to other bengkung where you might need others to help to tighten it.

If I have not tried and find it useful & effective, I wouldn't put it here and recommend to others. Satisfaction is guaranteed once you have tried on this.

This is how a Bengkung Mia looks:

Bengkung Mia has long diameter which covers from under chest down to hip and it stays firm when we tie it correctly. It holds our body in good shape and looks very neat after wearing.

Bengkung Mia comes in the following 4 sizes to suit different needs.

  • S size = 61 - 69cm (24 - 27 inches)
  • M size = 69 - 79cm (28 - 32 inches)
  • L size = 79 - 91cm (33 - 37 inches)
  • XL size = 91 - 107cm (38 - 43 inches)

The measurement is referring to waist/under chest.

How to choose the right bengkung size?

~ For those who are pregnant, you may refer to your pre-pregnancy waist measurement or you may take the measurement of your under chest now as a rough guide.
~ If your measurement falls in between 2 sizes, take the smaller size. For instance if your measurement is 27 to 28 inches, i.e. between size S & M, take size S then.

There are 2 types of Bengkung Mia available and the prices are as follow:

Bengkung Mia (Thick) - Have cotton lining to give you more comfort
1 piece = RM 55
2 pieces = RM 105

Bengkung Mia (Thin) - Doesn't have cotton lining
1 piece = RM 45
2 pieces = RM 85

1 pc of Bengkung Mia(Thin) + 1 pc of Bengkung Mia (Thick) = RM 95

Place your order by sending email to yiaukaren@gmail.com

Please kindly allow 3 - 5 working days to process your order, depending on products availability.


Mummy to QiQi said...

Karen, congrats on your new site. What is the piece of dark red color clothe? Does it comes attached or what? no wonder u said it is comfy. Mine has got none of that, prob i feel the pull of that string on my skin, which is too painful.

HN said...

Hi Karen, do you still sell Bengkung Mia? I am interested to purchase one if you do ... You may contact me directly via email: