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Apr 13, 2008

Wearing Bengkung

Bengkung is very essential for women after childbirth as it will help you to get back in good shape especially on tummy and hip. It is more widely used among Malays but nowadays, more and more women realized the importance of taking good care of their body after childbirth and hence the use of bengkung is becoming common for all other races too.

Read on to find out more about Bengkung Mia and how it works for you:

Is it necessary to wear bengkung? Yes. *Using bengkung after delivery of baby will help to prevent “wind” from entering our body and keep us warn. Besides, It also helps to hold our body in good shape and correct posture (you’ll walk & sit straight after wearing the bengkung)

What is the feature of a good bengkung? A good bengkung would have long diameter to cover from under chest all the way down to below the hip, this will ensure a strong support to our womb and it’s really important. *If a bengkung is too short, it will not stay firm when we move around, this will put pressure on to our womb and will also affect the overall shape of our body. In other words, wearing a wrong bengkung is worse than not wearing one.

How long do we need to wear bengkung during confinement? It is advisable to start wearing it 4 days after normal delivery up to whenever you like. It’s best if you could wear it all day long, even during sleeping hours. Therefore, it is better to have at least 2 sets of bengkung so that you could wash and change every other day. Bear in mind that you’ll sweat a lot during confinement and hygiene is very important so that it won’t cause any skin irritation.

Can I wear bengkung if I deliver by C-section? Please consult your gynae before you start wearing any bengkung, normally it’ll be at least 2 weeks after delivery or longer, depending on individual condition.

How could wearing bengkung helps me? Wearing the right bengkung correctly can help to reshape your body faster and more efficiently. It could also hold you up in the correct posture by supporting your back bone, (especially for breastfeeding mums who always tend to sit and bend their back while breastfeeding the baby) and hence can prevent/minimize back pain. Wearing bengkung also helps to tone up your abdominal muscles and shape up your hip after childbirth.

Is bengkung only made for women after childbirth? No. Anybody who wishes to shape up their body will find bengkung very useful, even male.

Is it necessary to apply any lotion before wearing bengkung? It is not necessary but using bengkung after applying slimming lotion/cream/gel will helps to expedite the absorption into your skin.

* Some of the statements here were excerpts from “Ensiklopedia Perbidanan Melayu-Sebuah Perbendaharaan Ilmu Perubatan dan Penjagaan Kesihatan" written by Datin Sharifah Anisah Barakbah

Apr 4, 2008

BioTrim Herbal Lotion

BioTrim Herbal Lotion is an aromatherapy lotion made of high grade ingredients such as Betel extracts (sirih), Kaffir Lime essense (limau purut), Tea tree extracts, Essential oils, Menthol & water.

BioTrim is a "multi purpose" trimmer lotion with the following functions:

  • Body shaping and slimming
  • Treatment for stretch mark, cracked skin
  • Moisturize and softens dry and rough skin
  • Prevent/reduce viscose veins, relief cramped legs and joint pain
  • Refresh lethargic body and mind
BioTrim Lotion comes in 200ml bottle and it's only selling at RM 30

Place your order by sending email to or sms 012-933 83 53 (Karen)

Please kindly allow 3 - 5 working days to process your order, depending on products availability.

I have been using this BioTrim lotion since my confinement up to now. During confinement, I apply the lotion all over my body after bath, as it helps to close the pores and expel wind from body too. So it is highly recommended for those in confinement. My urut lady also uses this for my post-natal massage and the best is, this lotion have nice sirih smell (like mint) and it won't stain our clothes as it is quickly absorb into our skin. I would wear my Bengkung Mia after applying this BioTrim Lotion.

It is also suitable for the elderly who suffer from joint pain. My mum has been using it and it reliefs her and help her to sleep better.

Moreover, this lotion is so affordable compare to all other slimming cream that you get in any pharmacies or cosmetic counter. During my confinement where I apply all over my body, a 200ml bottle can last up to 2 weeks., if use sparingly it can last for months.

Bengkung Mia

This bengkung which I have used during my confinement is called Bengkung Mia. It is so nicely & brilliantly designed that I can even wear it myself easily . It is so convenient as compare to other bengkung where you might need others to help to tighten it.

If I have not tried and find it useful & effective, I wouldn't put it here and recommend to others. Satisfaction is guaranteed once you have tried on this.

This is how a Bengkung Mia looks:

Bengkung Mia has long diameter which covers from under chest down to hip and it stays firm when we tie it correctly. It holds our body in good shape and looks very neat after wearing.

Bengkung Mia comes in the following 4 sizes to suit different needs.

  • S size = 61 - 69cm (24 - 27 inches)
  • M size = 69 - 79cm (28 - 32 inches)
  • L size = 79 - 91cm (33 - 37 inches)
  • XL size = 91 - 107cm (38 - 43 inches)

The measurement is referring to waist/under chest.

How to choose the right bengkung size?

~ For those who are pregnant, you may refer to your pre-pregnancy waist measurement or you may take the measurement of your under chest now as a rough guide.
~ If your measurement falls in between 2 sizes, take the smaller size. For instance if your measurement is 27 to 28 inches, i.e. between size S & M, take size S then.

There are 2 types of Bengkung Mia available and the prices are as follow:

Bengkung Mia (Thick) - Have cotton lining to give you more comfort
1 piece = RM 55
2 pieces = RM 105

Bengkung Mia (Thin) - Doesn't have cotton lining
1 piece = RM 45
2 pieces = RM 85

1 pc of Bengkung Mia(Thin) + 1 pc of Bengkung Mia (Thick) = RM 95

Place your order by sending email to

Please kindly allow 3 - 5 working days to process your order, depending on products availability.

Apr 3, 2008

Confinement food caterers

I've done quite a bit of research & enquiries around with different caterers and I thought I would share the information with all, who knows some of you might need this as reference in future? :) You can always arrange for free food tasting with all these caterers & judge yourself but if you need my opinion, I'm more than happy to share.

Here are a few of the confinement caterers I found in Klang Valley:

1. SHL Care Confinement Cares
Location: Metro Prima, Kepong
Tel: 603-6251 6133 (Joean)

2. PeiLing
Location: SS2, PJ
Tel: 603-7877 8000 (Alice)

3. SN-Nanny
Location: Sri Petaling
Tel: 603-9058 3693 (Alice)

4. Feng Chai
Location: Puchong, opposite IOI Mall
Tel: 012-263 5071 / 012-219 2559 (Mrs. Wu)

Confinement Lady's Contact List

I have compiled a list of CL, provided by different people (some are my friends, some are MeadJohnson forum members). However, since I have not engaged any of them personally, I do not know their background nor I can guarantee on their service, one man's meat could be another man's poison, hope you'll understand. I just frankly listed down the comments from others for your reference, hope that you'll find it useful.

1. Wan Jie - 012-6382261 (friend hired her in 2005, overall good comments)
2. Kiew Jie - 016-5659371 (friends hired her in 2005, overall ok but she is a vegetarian, but some said she is nice, some said not)
3. Lian Jie - 016-5363251
4. Fong Jie - 017-2190045
5. Coco - 016-2871130 (a MJ forum member hired her & said good forum)
6. Lim Sui Tew - 017-4678048
7. Mdm. Phang - 012-9722368 (friend hired her in Feb07, ok in baby care but quite slow in doing other work)
8. Mui Jie - 016-3945709 (friend hired her in Mar07, overall good comments)
(in no particular order)

Have a happy confinement

When you asked someone who has been through her confinement, more often you'll hear a negative story than a positive ones, right? Some describe confinement being a very stressful, scary and unbearable stage; some even said to me that they don't mind going through the labour pain because it's just suffering for hours but confinement is a much longer suffering.

But that is not true at all, I am saying this because I've been there, done that. I delivered my 1st kid in 2005 and the 2nd kid in 2007 and I have enjoyed my confinement to the fullest. It is not because I have a super nice confinement lady or have spent a lot of money on everything, but it is because I have plan ahead and know what to expect and do during my confinement.

Prior to my delivery, I've done a lot of research, reading, asking around for opinions and make my own sound judgment on what to follow and what not because I believe that confinement can be pleasurable and not suffer.

So I'm telling you that, having a stress-free happy confinement is absolutely possible, and affordable. :)

Myth or Truth? - Part 4

Must eat a lot of ginger in every meal, everyday.
By adding ginger or pepper to the dishes we eat can help to expel wind and keep our body warm. It is not a must though, especially for breastfeeding mums, avoid too much of ginger intake as it will make the baby heaty.

Cannot drink water at all apart from red dates drink.
I took a lot of red dates drink during confinement. However, I do take plain drinking water at times but have to ensure it is warm water. Personally I think it is alright to take some warm plain water.

No vegetables & fruits as these are "cold" food.
Not really. Vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, kai lan, lady finger can be consumed even in the first 2 weeks. Thereafter we can eat the leafy vegetables like spinach, bo choy, just make sure these vegetables are cooked with some ginger then it'd be fine to eat. Well fruits like mango & melon of course should be avoided but apples, plums and papaya are fine.

A lot of people experiences constipation during confinement because too much of ginger & wine intake, and didn't drink enough soup/water/red dates drink, plus not taking any vegetables and fruits actually make the condition worst.

Myth or Truth? - Part 3

Cannot carry heavy objects (including the baby), over-exert self or walk up and down the stairs.
This is somewhat true. Avoid walking up and down the stairs too much because it might affect the healing of our wounds (those who went through episiotomy during normal delivery, & those went through c-section). Lifting heavy objects or inappropriate exercise could put pressure on our womb. However, I do carry my baby very often for breastfeeding, just have to be careful not to bend over too much to lift the baby so that we don't sprain our back. Wearing bengkung in this case help to hold us in correct posture and prevent back pain.

Avoid squatting; otherwise your womb will drop.
I think this is true, anyway I don't squat during my confinement. Urut will also help to lift up our womb.

We must sit down when we drink otherwise we will have difficulties in holding our urine afterwards.
I have heard this from my confinement lady but at times I still forgot to do so. Actually the reasons of urinary incontinence are a lot, the one that relates to childbirth is that our pelvic muscles has become weaker after delivery. By doing the right exercise or Kegel exercise would help to strengthen the pelvic muscle.

Myth or Truth? - Part 2

Cannot be directly exposed to wind?
I would wear T-shirt with sleeves and sarong/long pants, socks & slippers all the time. I sleep in the air-cond room and it is fine, I think the rule of thumb is, do not face the fan & air-cond directly. I also apply Bio Trim lotion everytime after bath as it would help to "close" my pores and keep me warm. The lotion also helps to expel "wind" from the body.

Must lie on the bed and rest more? Cannot watch TV/reading/use PC?
It is advisable to take more rest to restore our energy, because we need to wake up often during mid night to feed / take care of the newborn. However, watching TV, reading or use PC is fine as long we don't do it for long (say about 15 minutes at a time) and take a break in between before continuing, so that the eyes are well rested.

Myth or truth? - Part 1

Cannot bath during confinement?
Quick bathing with warm water (or herbal bath) everyday is actually good to us as we sweat a lot during confinement. Hygiene is extremely important and bathing will freshen up & make us feel more energetic. It is also adviced to take bath during mid day when the weather is hot.

Cannot wash hair during confinement?
Advisable not to wash hair for 10 to 12 days. However dry shampoo is recommended to minimize scalp irritation and absorb excess oil from the hair. Personally I didn't quite like dry shampoo. I 1st wash my hair on the 12th day, and thereafter I wash every 3-4 days and I'll blow it dry immediately.

What is Confinement?

After the birth of a child, a woman’s body struggles to return to its pre-pregnancy state. This recovery period is called the confinement period, in Malay it is called "pantang".

The confinement period should be a minimum of 30 - 45 days and during this period, the new mom shall pay special attention in the area of clothing, food, living environment and physical exercise.

As important as taking care of a newborn, pamper yourself during the confinement period is essential and should not be overlooked because it is going to affect our health in the long run. Some effects might not be visible now but later in life, the effects will start haunting us especially after menopause, if not earlier.