Apr 3, 2008

Confinement Lady's Contact List

I have compiled a list of CL, provided by different people (some are my friends, some are MeadJohnson forum members). However, since I have not engaged any of them personally, I do not know their background nor I can guarantee on their service, one man's meat could be another man's poison, hope you'll understand. I just frankly listed down the comments from others for your reference, hope that you'll find it useful.

1. Wan Jie - 012-6382261 (friend hired her in 2005, overall good comments)
2. Kiew Jie - 016-5659371 (friends hired her in 2005, overall ok but she is a vegetarian, but some said she is nice, some said not)
3. Lian Jie - 016-5363251
4. Fong Jie - 017-2190045
5. Coco - 016-2871130 (a MJ forum member hired her & said good forum)
6. Lim Sui Tew - 017-4678048
7. Mdm. Phang - 012-9722368 (friend hired her in Feb07, ok in baby care but quite slow in doing other work)
8. Mui Jie - 016-3945709 (friend hired her in Mar07, overall good comments)
(in no particular order)

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