Apr 3, 2008

Have a happy confinement

When you asked someone who has been through her confinement, more often you'll hear a negative story than a positive ones, right? Some describe confinement being a very stressful, scary and unbearable stage; some even said to me that they don't mind going through the labour pain because it's just suffering for hours but confinement is a much longer suffering.

But that is not true at all, I am saying this because I've been there, done that. I delivered my 1st kid in 2005 and the 2nd kid in 2007 and I have enjoyed my confinement to the fullest. It is not because I have a super nice confinement lady or have spent a lot of money on everything, but it is because I have plan ahead and know what to expect and do during my confinement.

Prior to my delivery, I've done a lot of research, reading, asking around for opinions and make my own sound judgment on what to follow and what not because I believe that confinement can be pleasurable and not suffer.

So I'm telling you that, having a stress-free happy confinement is absolutely possible, and affordable. :)

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