Apr 3, 2008

Myth or Truth? - Part 4

Must eat a lot of ginger in every meal, everyday.
By adding ginger or pepper to the dishes we eat can help to expel wind and keep our body warm. It is not a must though, especially for breastfeeding mums, avoid too much of ginger intake as it will make the baby heaty.

Cannot drink water at all apart from red dates drink.
I took a lot of red dates drink during confinement. However, I do take plain drinking water at times but have to ensure it is warm water. Personally I think it is alright to take some warm plain water.

No vegetables & fruits as these are "cold" food.
Not really. Vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, kai lan, lady finger can be consumed even in the first 2 weeks. Thereafter we can eat the leafy vegetables like spinach, bo choy, just make sure these vegetables are cooked with some ginger then it'd be fine to eat. Well fruits like mango & melon of course should be avoided but apples, plums and papaya are fine.

A lot of people experiences constipation during confinement because too much of ginger & wine intake, and didn't drink enough soup/water/red dates drink, plus not taking any vegetables and fruits actually make the condition worst.

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