Apr 3, 2008

Myth or Truth? - Part 3

Cannot carry heavy objects (including the baby), over-exert self or walk up and down the stairs.
This is somewhat true. Avoid walking up and down the stairs too much because it might affect the healing of our wounds (those who went through episiotomy during normal delivery, & those went through c-section). Lifting heavy objects or inappropriate exercise could put pressure on our womb. However, I do carry my baby very often for breastfeeding, just have to be careful not to bend over too much to lift the baby so that we don't sprain our back. Wearing bengkung in this case help to hold us in correct posture and prevent back pain.

Avoid squatting; otherwise your womb will drop.
I think this is true, anyway I don't squat during my confinement. Urut will also help to lift up our womb.

We must sit down when we drink otherwise we will have difficulties in holding our urine afterwards.
I have heard this from my confinement lady but at times I still forgot to do so. Actually the reasons of urinary incontinence are a lot, the one that relates to childbirth is that our pelvic muscles has become weaker after delivery. By doing the right exercise or Kegel exercise would help to strengthen the pelvic muscle.

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