Apr 3, 2008

Myth or Truth? - Part 2

Cannot be directly exposed to wind?
I would wear T-shirt with sleeves and sarong/long pants, socks & slippers all the time. I sleep in the air-cond room and it is fine, I think the rule of thumb is, do not face the fan & air-cond directly. I also apply Bio Trim lotion everytime after bath as it would help to "close" my pores and keep me warm. The lotion also helps to expel "wind" from the body.

Must lie on the bed and rest more? Cannot watch TV/reading/use PC?
It is advisable to take more rest to restore our energy, because we need to wake up often during mid night to feed / take care of the newborn. However, watching TV, reading or use PC is fine as long we don't do it for long (say about 15 minutes at a time) and take a break in between before continuing, so that the eyes are well rested.

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