Apr 4, 2008

BioTrim Herbal Lotion

BioTrim Herbal Lotion is an aromatherapy lotion made of high grade ingredients such as Betel extracts (sirih), Kaffir Lime essense (limau purut), Tea tree extracts, Essential oils, Menthol & water.

BioTrim is a "multi purpose" trimmer lotion with the following functions:

  • Body shaping and slimming
  • Treatment for stretch mark, cracked skin
  • Moisturize and softens dry and rough skin
  • Prevent/reduce viscose veins, relief cramped legs and joint pain
  • Refresh lethargic body and mind
BioTrim Lotion comes in 200ml bottle and it's only selling at RM 30

Place your order by sending email to 2babies07@gmail.com or sms 012-933 83 53 (Karen)

Please kindly allow 3 - 5 working days to process your order, depending on products availability.

I have been using this BioTrim lotion since my confinement up to now. During confinement, I apply the lotion all over my body after bath, as it helps to close the pores and expel wind from body too. So it is highly recommended for those in confinement. My urut lady also uses this for my post-natal massage and the best is, this lotion have nice sirih smell (like mint) and it won't stain our clothes as it is quickly absorb into our skin. I would wear my Bengkung Mia after applying this BioTrim Lotion.

It is also suitable for the elderly who suffer from joint pain. My mum has been using it and it reliefs her and help her to sleep better.

Moreover, this lotion is so affordable compare to all other slimming cream that you get in any pharmacies or cosmetic counter. During my confinement where I apply all over my body, a 200ml bottle can last up to 2 weeks., if use sparingly it can last for months.


LittleLamb said...

Hi Karen,
Can you check for me if the lotion will be effective in removing stretch marks? Its been 6 months since I gave birth in Oct07. There are still stretch marks and I would like to know if the lotion will give an impact. Thanks ya. My email is racheljtle@gmail.com

Lai AC said...

Hi Karen
I had my baby last year July. Until now, I feel a lot of 'wind' in my tummy, because I always feel bloated. I wonder I can still use the BioTrim Herbal Lotion to expel the 'wind' ? Thank you, and look forward to your reply. My email is aichiaw_l@hotmail.com